HAMBURG, NY- Channel 2 News Daybreak continues to celebrate the “Great Kids” who make Western New York a better place to live. This week, Daybreak Anchor Melissa Holmes highlighted a soon-to-be 2nd grader from Frontier’s Pinehurst Elementary school in Hamburg, who's become an entrepreneur and philanthropist at the age of 6.

Having a lemonade stand is a rite of passage for most kids. And at 6-years-old, Sammy McLaughlin is quite the little salesman.

At his neighborhood's annual street sale on Stillwell Road for the past three years, Sammy hasn't just sold lemonade, but also some treats and even his own toys.

"All of his favorite toys, which is what I really loved. He didn't want to keep them. He knew some other kid would love them just as much and he wanted to get that money to go to Roswell [Park Cancer Institute]," said Lisa McLaughlin, Sammy’s mom.

Sammy doesn't mind selling his prized possessions, because he knows the money is going to a good cause- to the place that's trying to save his dad's life.

"He said let’s give it to Roswell, because he knows they do good things for me. He knows they help me, and he just wants to be part of that," said Bill McLaughlin, Sammy’s dad.

Bill was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2013. Sammy knows his dad is sick, and the doctors at Roswell are trying to make him feel better.

"Raising money for Roswell is more important than the love of money," said Sammy.

"It just makes us proud to see him trying to lend a hand. Small steps lead to big things we tell him," said Bill.

Sammy has raised almost $1000 these past three summers.

"I'm really proud of him and he's got a great spirit living in him," said Lisa.

Sadly, Bill's prognosis is not good, so he's not taking these special moments with his son for granted.

"We have no idea where this going to go but we do have is hope and we have faith," said Bill.

And they have each other and their memories.

"The memories they make each day are the memories that are going to last forever," said Lisa.

Sammy was nominated to be featured in the series “WNY’s Great Kids” by his Aunt Marie. If you’d like to nominate a child, call 716-849-2216 or email .