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WNY teen becomes the 'Dairy Fairy' to help struggling farms and families

The Byron-Bergen 16-year-old used her own money to deliver milk, eggs, yogurt and snacks to families in need, helping farmers at the same time.

BERGEN, N.Y. — A teen from Byron-Bergen High School in Genesee County noticed a need, with farmers and families struggling all around her. 

So she decided to do something about it, by becoming the "Dairy Fairy."

When Rachel Best, 16, of Bergen isn't homeschooling herself during the COVID-19 pandemic, she's working on a dairy farm in nearby Byron.That's where she noticed the struggle of farmers. 

"Farms near us are having to dump milk, and everybody has to cut production by 15%, so we can't give as much milk," Rachel said.  

But at the same time families are struggling to afford to keep milk in their fridge.

So Rachel became the "Dairy Fairy."  With her own money she bought and delivered milk, eggs, cheese and snacks to families in need. Then some of those surprised recipients started to pay it forward, making similar deliveries for other families. Soon, others were donating money and gift cards to Rachel and her mother, so they could make "Dairy Fairy" deliveries on their behalf.

"We have multiple people who have a dairy farm or work on a dairy farm say how excited they are and how they're glad that we're doing this. And from the people getting the products, they're super excited when they see us," Rachel said.

In a matter of weeks the Dairy Fairy Facebook group has grown to nearly 5000 members. Rachel, her mom and all the Dairy Fairies have made hundreds of deliveries. 

"I can't even tell you how proud I am [of Rachel.] I don't think she fully knows how far reaching what she started is. I don't think she comprehends how many people she's helped and it's just amazing," said Rachel's mother, Jessica Best.

If you would like to make a dairy donation or help make deliveries, or if you need a little help from the Dairy Fairy, request to be added to the Facebook page here.

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