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When to book your holiday travel

New details from AAA show if you are willing to wait to book Thanksgiving travel, you could save on air fare.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Thanksgiving is seven weeks away. Do you have your flights yet? According to AAA, if you're willing to wait until closer to Turkey Day to book, you could stand to save. 

The agency says the most expensive day to fly during Thanksgiving week will be Sunday, November 20th. The busiest day at the airport will be Tuesday the 22nd, and the cheapest day to fly will be Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd. 

While fares are most expensive 28-60 days out, travelers will have a better selection. On average, people booking Thanksgiving travel this week will be paying $543 per ticket. If you wait and book within two weeks before, prices will drop to an average of $474 a seat. So, if you can be flexible, you can save money, but you might not get your first choice flight. 

AAA lists the most popular destinations for Thanksgiving as Orlando, New York, Anaheim, Fort Lauderdale, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, and Las Vegas. But no matter where you go, AAA Director of Public Relations Elizabeth Carey says be prepared for crowds. 

"Airports internationally, across the country, have been very, very busy," she said. "Fall used to be an off-season, but it's turned into a travel season of its own. A lot of people like to travel in the fall, especially couples. If the kids are in school and if you don't have kids, it's not as busy at certain of the venues, but what we've seen this year, it's becoming a travel season of its own and people are looking to go out, they're willing to travel."

More information from AAA is available here

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