If you're looking for charm, you'll easily find it in the village of Silver Creek.

As it turns out, it's not the only thing that's easy to see.

Elizabeth and Susan Valvo run Valvo's Candies on Route 5.

"Everybody knows where she is," Elizabeth explains.

Susan added, "they said they'll have to turn back around and come in and have to check it out."

So....What is That?

"Dolly Dimples," Elizabeth said.

Dolly Dimples.

What a gal!

Can't miss her.

She's probably one of the largest and most unique things you'll find alongside the road in Western New York. She's the perfect ambassador for Valvo's which describes itself as the largest and most unique chocolate store in Western New York. We don't know much about Dolly's history but we do know Elizabeth and her husband Joe found her in Butler, Pennsylvania what seems like a lifetime ago.

"Saw her leaning up against a building," she recalls. "She had black hair and a red dress and Joe and I thought she looks great to be put in front of our store so we had her brought up here and repainted our candy colors."

She's been rocking the chocolate brown hairdo and gold dress ever since.

"All year round and the kids worry about her not having a sweater during the winter," Elizabeth said with a smile.

Despite being so popular and having a really, big head, Dolly does remain grounded--largely due to the five foot poles in her legs that root her to the ground. She exudes great joy outside of Valvo's.

But we all know, it's what inside that counts.

Susan begins, "it wasn't just a job to him. It was his love, besides my mother of course."

She is speaking of her father, Joe Valvo. Joe spent his life building the candy business his father started 99 years ago. Just a month ago, Joe passed away at the age of 85. Elizabeth calls him the love of her life who always made her laugh.

"He loved people," she said. "He loved visiting with everybody that came in, usually, he was friends with many, many customers."

Susan literally grew up as a kid in a candy store. She says her father taught her everything she knows and she plans to keep Valvo's going.

By all accounts, Joe Valvo was a sweet man: a candy maker with a flair for the spectacular.

His legacy may lie in Dolly's larger than life ability to get us all to just slow down and smile.

What is that?

.Along this Western New York road...it's everything.

Perhaps Joe said it best in 2015 when he spoke when our Melissa Holmes visited Valvo's for a Valentine's Day story.

"Everyday is different and it's a lot of fun...I tell ya."