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West Seneca East personal training and health teacher is always on the go

Teaching remotely doesn't keep Ben Hamm from staying active during the school day.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — As a health and personal training teacher, Ben Hamm knows the importance of keeping your heart rate up. 

"I kind of feel like Forrest Gump a little bit sometimes," he told 2 On Your Side. "I'm not running and the scenery doesn't change, but at least I'm moving, you know?" 

It's a big part of the curriculum in his classes at West Seneca East High School. 

"They're learning how do I exercise this muscle, what's this muscle called? They're not saying, oh it's the arms. Those are the biceps and the triceps, you got to learn the language and talk the talk."               

For a teacher, and a dad, who likes to "go" so much, sitting in front of his screen all day for virtual classes wasn't going to work. 

"We've got three boys," Hamm said. "I'm like, I've got to keep moving if I'm gonna keep up with these guys." 

Mr. Hamm knew he had to find a way to stay active during remote school days.

"If I sit still for too long I'm uncomfortable, so I've got to move," he said. "When I teach in a classroom I call it the 'lawyer walk.' I kind of pace back and forth in front of the class." 

So he started using a desk that's attached to a stationary bike. 

"I actually permit students to use this when they're here if they're doing well or maintain a good average or they're not distracting others, they can they use this," he said.  

So when they see Mr. Hamm's head bobbing along their screens, his students know he's just peddling away. He's hoping it sets a good example until they meet in person. 

"I hope my students when they see me, whether I'm on my bike or standing in front of them get that sense of energy. Whether it's in the classroom or being remote, there's an opportunity to be had and I hope they take advantage of it," he said. 

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