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Researching Devil's Rock in Genesee County

An interesting geological formation creates some sinister folklore.

CLARENCE, N.Y. — Did you know there is an unusual rock formation just outside Batavia? Daybreak and Kevin O'Neill checked it out. 

It's easy to spot, and looks out of place in the Genesee County countryside. Likely several million years old, it’s a 10-foot tall mushroom-shaped glacial deposit. 

The unique shape has sparked speculation, and a story passed down over the years.

2 On Your Side got the scoop from the Genesee County History Department. The legend was passed down from generation to generation, and nobody really knows how it started. 

According to folklore, the devil was running around causing havoc, so angels were sent down to capture the devil. Upon apprehending Satan, he was chained to that rock.

Unfortunately, he would run around the rock and that wore that down the middle and eventually he broke his chain and got loose.

If you want to visit the Devil’s Rock, it is technically in Stafford, just outside a transportation department building. But the best address to type into a GPS is 5441 East Main Street in Batavia.

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