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Reading and the great outdoors combine in a Halloween-themed event

StoryWalk Hamburg takes families on a half-mile path where they stop outside different buildings and read one page of a book. By the end, they've read it all.

HAMBURG, N.Y. — There’s a great way to read a story with your family, get some exercise and enjoy the fresh fall air in the Village of Hamburg.

It’s called StoryWalk Hamburg and it takes kids and families on a path covering a section of the Village, stopping to read a single page of a Halloween book placed outside of businesses along the path. Katie Mika, the organizer of the walk, said it’s a great literacy initiative as well as a way to get kids active. 

“We have a little bit of space between pages, so you read the page enjoy the beautiful illustrations, and then you walk,” Mika said. “During the walk, you can talk about what just happened talk about what you think might happen next in really good kids thinking about it. There’s a different way to read a book, we are used to just flipping the page and you immediately what happens.” 

Mika said since the event has been running, she’s had a ton of positive feedback from the community. She said she wanted to get families outside to enjoy new adventures and give people a reason to smile during what has been a difficult year for so many. 

"People are sending me pictures of their kids enjoying it, which is really so nice to see," Mika said. "That was my whole goal." 

The story is 12 different pages across 12 different storefronts, which covers about half a mile. It is a Halloween themed book so this is the last weekend for this one. But if you miss out don’t worry, there is a Christmas one in the works. 

For more information or for a map, click here