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New exhibit at Italian Cultural Center showcases Buffalo

The new exhibit displays various works from beloved local artist Dr. V. Roger Lalli.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Astonishing photo-realistic paintings of Buffalo, 42 of them, are on display in north Buffalo.

A former library on the corner of Delaware Ave. and Hertel Ave. is now the Italian Cultural Center. The president Mario Giacobbi says, "While this is primarily a function of Italian Americans, the real basis of the building was to give something back to Buffalo and to make it open to any and everybody."

Mission accomplished; it's a gorgeous facility. And now, it has as gallery filled with the jaw-dropping artwork from Dr. V. Roger Lalli. 

Though the artist passed away a few years ago, this collection lives on in a great spot. Lalli is Italian himself, and a proud Buffalonian.

It is astounding to see the talent and attention to detail with every stroke. Dr. Lalli captured the beauty of our city, and the grittier side of our city, with undying love and unlimited talent.

There is no exact ending date for the exhibition, it will be here through the summer.

The building is open Wednesday through Saturdays. In Italian, it’s the Centro Culturale Italiano di Buffalo, so the website is www.ccibuffalo.org.

For more information about the exhibit, or to learn more about the Italian Cultural Center, click here.


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