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Let's Goat Buffalo calling for Christmas tree donations

Rather than toss your tree this year, you can donate it to the herd, who believe it or not, find Christmas trees delicious.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — You know Let’s Goat Buffalo, Western New York’s only goat landscaping company.

“They eat the plants and invasive brush that we humans don’t want," Owner Jen Zeitler told 2 On Your Side. "It’s really great for the goats, it’s really great for the environment, and it’s helpful to humans.”

Around this time last year, Zeitler learned something else goats love to eat.

“This year will be our second year taking tree donations," she told 2 On Your Side. "We’ve always known that goats love the trees. The types of trees that people use for Christmas trees are pines, and firs and goats love these types of things. A lot of people are curious, they think, well how do they eat the needles? Well, the needles are actually really good for them. They provide a lot of vitamins and nutrients that the goats can’t get from other forage during the winter.”

Best of all, the trees give the goats something exciting to do during their offseason. 

“Our goats are grazing goats, they love to get out all spring, and then in the winter they’re kind of home, which is fine," Zeitler said. "But they get really excited and they jump around and play around with the trees, and it just gives them a little something to mix up their day.”

If you have an ornament and hook-free live tree you want to donate to the goats, you can bring it to Alpine Made Farm (5445 East Creek Road, South Wales, NY) from Dec. 30 through Jan. 15. 

All types of trees will be accepted except for yew trees, and trees that have been sprayed with artificial snow, coloring, or fire-resistant chemicals. All trees will be examined before they are given to the goats. 

On Sunday, Jan. 9, volunteers from Leadership Buffalo will be there from 9 a.m. to noon, to unload cars, and serve hot chocolate, and introduce people to the goats.


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