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ICYMI: "Finally! Fashion for the fragile male ego"

Plus the Daybreak team takes on The Aging Challenge

I'm probably going to take heat for that headline especially from those people who only read headlines and never read the article. If you're reading this, it means you're not one of them. So, let's have a little fun. Share this post or leave a comment that says: "the unicorns were the best part" on social media. Be sure to tag Channel 2 and me and thank you for bothering to read the whole story. We appreciate you. 

(*Full disclosure I know it's an inflammatory thing to say, but that's only because of its laser sharp accuracy.)

Welcome to What's Trending! 

We'll get to the designs at London Fashion Week that look like they didn't quite make it out the packaging in a minute. First, the Internet always seems to find a way to make us feel like we're not doing anything right and now we can add aging to that list.

The first viral trend of 2019 is "The Aging Challenge." Social media users everywhere have been posting their first Facebook profile picture alongside their most recent profile picture asking: "How hard has aging hit you?" 

I say if you're around to even participate in this challenge, you must be doing something right. I posted my results on Twitter over the weekend. Watch the video to see how the rest of the Daybreak gang fared.

Credit: WGRZ
Rest assured, I've never felt better.

Imagine the sound of a bunch of men wrapped in bubble wrap walking awkwardly down a catwalk. Those unlikely sounds were music to the ears of the fashion forward and mildly confused at London Fashion Week thanks to designer Craig Green.

Credit: TODAY

Green debuted a men's fashion line featuring colorful bubble wrap among other unusual materials at London Fashion Week.

He called it "Man Made of Glass." A better name might be "Man, Craig, where did you get all this bubble wrap?"

Anyhoo, well done, Craig, but it would have been cooler if they rolled down the runway. After all, isn't the fun of bubble wrap popping it with a satisfying rat-a-tat-tat?

I probably just don't understand fashion.

Credit: Egg Gang
If this doesn't prove the truly meaningless nature of social media likes, I don't know what will.

Speaking of not understanding things, sometimes trending stories are so ridiculous we can struggle to find meaning in them and by we I mean Patrick. 

He had a tough time wrapping his head around this one and you can't blame him, really. 

Awhile ago, Kylie Jenner set a record for the most likes on Instagram on one of her posts.

World records are made to be broken or so thought the people behind the World Record Egg on Instagram. They set out to beat the record with just a photo of an egg and because the Internet is petty and amazing--it happened.

The photo was posted about 10 days ago and as of this writing has well over over 25 million likes.

Fame is fragile, kids. So, don't count your chickens before they set up an Instagram profile or something.

You're up to date on What's Trending. Have a great day, everybody!