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How 2 Learn a new language

Make the most of your time at home by brushing up on your foreign language skills.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — One way to take advantage of time at home while social distancing is to learn a new skill, or brush up on one you once had. 

2 On Your Side spoke with retired French teacher, Jacque Royal, for some advice on how to get started learning a new language.

How 2 Learn a New Language: 

  1. Use online resources: Websites like Duolingo, which is free, or Rosetta Stone, have flashcards, games and eventually conversations which you can get feedback on. 
  2. Be consistent: Devote a set amount of time each week to your lessons. If you're working with children, just 10 or 20 minutes a day is enough! 
  3. Watch movies in the language with English subtitles on.

Jacque also says once you learn a language, try to use it as much as possible. She herself is part of a French speaking group that gets together once a week to spend time holding conversations in the language. 

Here are some French phrases that are appropriate to use for the times we're in now: 

  • "C'est la vie" - a popular French phrase most people know, meaning "that's life!" 
  • "Sain et sauf" - meaning, "be safe and sound" 

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