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Buffalo woman lost $700 in Buffalo Bills ticket scam on Facebook

A local woman is sharing her story of ticket troubles so others won't get scammed in the future.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Another season ended in disappointment for Bills Mafia, but even though it is now history, a local woman is sharing her story of ticket troubles so others won't get scammed in the future.

The woman said she was scammed out of hundreds of dollars when she tried to buy Buffalo Bills tickets on Facebook.

Buffalo native, Nancy Standish said she fell victim to what she said seemed promising.

Standish was trying to help her friend find Bills' tickets on Facebook. But instead, lost $700 in the process.

She said she's been buying second-hand tickets for a very long time and couldn't believe she fell for a scam.

Now that she looks back, she said there were some red flags, but she was too excited about the tickets at the time, and she didn't even notice them.

"The scammers, they just don't care. They don't care that I have bills to pay. They don't care that you got bills to pay. Just like anybody else, they are just going to try to make their money and run, they hide and their pages disappear," Standish said.

She was not able to get her money back, but instead channeled her frustration by creating a new buy or sell ticket Facebook page, to try to help make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.

Standish said sometimes scammers try to sell tickets for much less than what they are actually worth or they will say they have four tickets, and then when you buy two, they say actually, you have to buy all four. She said if you use Venmo, always use the safety toggle feature.

The Better Business Bureau offers these tips to avoid ticket scams:

  • Purchase directly from the venue. 
  • Check out the seller. 
  • Watch out for fake websites. 
  • Always make online purchases with your credit card.

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