BUFFALO, N.Y. — As Buffalo Public Schools head back to class, Frederick Law Olmsted High School #156 will host a back to school celebration. 

Dr. Kriner Cash told 2 On Your Side this week that School 156 is the picture of Buffalo the district wants to see in all of their schools. 

This will be Dr. Cash's fifth school year as as superintendent of Buffalo Public Schools. He shared plans of adding gifted and talented programming in all pre-K through 4th grade classrooms. 

They're also adding more AP courses in high schools. 

The hope is that next year, all high schools will have at least 5 AP Courses. 

Last year, 4-year graduation rates in the district climbed to 65 percent, that's a 16 year high. Half of the schools have rates above 80 percent. 

"Our high demand high schools have a graduation rate that is higher than the state average and there is about seven of those high schools, and we want to make all of our high schools high demand high schools. So we're into the work now, this is our fifth year together, and we're getting better and better every year. There's clear evidence of that. And we're just going to keep staying at it."

The district is also adding new technology measures, including a new text-translation program for parents who don't speak English as a primary language. They'll now be able to text a question or comment to school officials, and receive a response in their language.