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Buffalo Bills postseason win helping small businesses

From apparel to food, local businesses are preparing for another busy weekend ahead of the Bills-Chiefs divisional round playoff game.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — After the Bills and Patriots game, many Buffalo small-businesses have sold out of everything they had.

"I sold out of everything. Everything that I had is completely gone so I knew that Kansas City is going to be another big game. I have been double buying everything," said Sara Ward, owner of Buffalo Bliss Apparel.

And with the current supply chain, Ward said it is difficult to find what she needs to be prepared.

"The blank crewnecks that I buy to stuff my things with if go to buy a large there is like two, I need like hundreds," she said.

So she had to look for alternatives.

"I have been searching on the Internet for everything that I can find so that I am prepared. I got them in my office ready to go so when Sunday rolls around. I got everything immediately to ship out. So that is the number one thing I have been doing," she said.

On the other hand, restaurants, like Mike & Pop's are stocking up their shelves and coolers.

"We will have all these tabs full and ready to go so we don't run out of anything. We will definitely buy extra cases because last game we were pretty mobbed. We want to be prepared and not run out of anything," said Michael "Mike" O'Conner, owner of Mike & Pop's.

And as the Bills keep winning, the owners say their business keeps growing.

"We have all the regulars that keep coming back. People come here it is going up and up," he said.

In fact, as the Patriots game was going on, Ward's phone blew up.

"Every time I get a sale, there is a chi-chang noise. It keeps going chi-chang. Chi-chang. This is the most I have ever gotten," she said.

Her sales aren't just local, they get national attention.

"I've got people who recognize my stuff and see someone wearing it in Disney World. It is cool to see it spread around," she said.

She's even more made a onesie for Thurman Thomas' grandson that says, "I just got here and love Thurman Thomas."

So here's the big question, are the Bills going to win this weekend?

"Oh absolutely. The Bills are going all the way to the Super Bowl, no doubt about it," Ward said.

"If they repeat what they did against New England, we will be A-OK. We will have a parade downtown. Hopefully right down Delaware Avenue to Mike & Pop's," said Michael "Pop" O'Conner, co-owner of Mike & Pop's.

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