BUFFALO, N.Y. — Just a couple months after they were born, Toni, a sea lion pup, and Mohan, a rhino calf, are now both on display at the Buffalo Zoo. 2 On Your Side went behind the scenes with keepers to see how the baby animals are growing and adapting. 

Toni is becoming more curious and a better swimmer every day. She is adjusting to the "big pool," in Sea Lion cove, after spending the first couple months of her life indoors learning to swim with her mom, Jesse. She is still nursing and remains closely bonded with her mother. 

Mohan is a growing boy. He is also still nursing, but he is starting to eat solid foods such as hay and some produce. He now weighs close to 360 pounds! That means he has gained about four pounds a day since he was born. He likes to run and roll around when on exhibit with his mom, Tashi. 

Both Toni and Mohan are now on exhibit daily at the zoo. For all of the happenings and special events, click here