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Artpark is taking you behind the scenes of a holiday classic

Artpark is hosting a fundraiser where you can chat with the stars of the movie 'Christmas Vacation'- Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo.

LEWISTON, N.Y. — Well, the movie Christmas Vacation is a family tradition for many this time of year, maybe it is for your family too. Now there’s a really fun fundraiser for Artpark, where are you can be a part of a live event online with the stars of the movie - Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. 

“It’s such a fun movie and a part of all of our holidays so we here at Artpark wanted to bring some laughs into the community,” said Dave, from Artpark. “Give people something different to do. You were going to be in your house, you were going to be with your groups of 10 or less, so you can go behind the scenes and reminisce and laugh and hear some stories from the stars and ask them some questions too.”

To participate, people will go to Artpark’s website, where there’s a link available to buy a ticket. The cost of the ‘behind the scenes’ experience is $25 per device, but as many people in the house can watch the device during the event. An hour before the event goes live, people will be sent a link to join the virtual meeting

“You’ll be in there with people from around the country and Chevy and Beverly will be in there to show clips and talk about the other movies and have some laughs,” Dave said.  “And you can ask questions of them as well.”

It is the Saturday night after Thanksgiving. Find out more information by clicking here.