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America's Favorite Cheese is Not American

Which cheese shredded the competition in a recent survey? Details in "What's Trending" and also I'll show myself out.

I think picking a favorite cheese is probably like picking a favorite child. You say you don't have one but, if pressed, you'll come up with an answer. A company called Innit asked a thousand Americans this big cheese question.

By the numbers it seems it was hard for people to pick a favorite, but cheddar did come out on top, followed by mozzarella and American. A quarter of the respondents said their least favorite was blue cheese. American and Swiss also made the list for least favorite cheeses. 17% of people said they'd have it with every meal.

This important research comes ahead of National Cheese Day which is June 4th. Mark your calendars.

The 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee is underway. Kids across the country blow us all away with their skills spelling words many of us have never even heard of. But there are a lot of regular, everyday words we just can't spell or can't remember how to spell.

In honor of the competition, Google compiled a list based on the top searches related to "how to spell" over the last year and there are some interesting results.

The most searched word across 11 states was "beautiful." Here in New York, people apparently need help with the word "resume." "Cousin" topped the list in Alabama while "fiance" stumps people in Wyoming.

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