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A reinvented scavenger hunt helps locals explore Buffalo

The goal of this scavenger hunt is to take locals to brand new places in Buffalo.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A scavenger hunt is always a fun, family-friendly way to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. The only bad part is that once somebody wins, all the excitement is over. 

Well, one local, who goes by the name of MT Bad Pirate, is reinventing the idea behind the scavenger hunt so more people can get in on the fun.  He’s hidden loot all across the city of Buffalo and is giving out the clues to find it. 

“It is all about reinventing something that’s been around for a while to make sure everyone can enjoy it,” Pirate said. “As opposed to a treasure hunt where usually one person solves it and gets the prize and what’s the fun for everyone else?”

He said these adventures are done to make sure that everybody can get out and have a good time. There are multiple clues in multiple places around the city and the first few are easier so everybody can feel like they accomplished their goal. 

For competitive folks, there are still prizes. But he said most people will just enjoy exploring new parts of the city. 

"I'm going to take them to the places they didn't even realize existed in their own city, " he said. 

It is free, it starts Sunday. About $750 in prizes will be awarded to several people. For more information about the scavenger hunt, click here.