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Trying to win the Mega Millions this week? Here's what others have done with their winnings

From building water parks to investing in politics, here's some of the craziest things previous lottery winners have done.
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets are displayed on January 3, 2018 in San Anselmo, California.

After there was no declared winner (again) for the Mega Millions drawing, the Mega Millions jackpot for Tuesday is up to $522 million (or a $301 million cash option). There were many winners that matched 5 numbers, so each one received $1 million. How to win? Purchase a Mega Millions ticket in one of the 44 participating states or the District of Columbia. Nevada, Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi and Alabama do not participate in the Mega Millions lottery, according to the website.

With $522 million on the line, the sixth largest Mega Million in history, what would you do with the cash? Here's some of the wacky, inspiring and amazing things other lotto winners have done.

1. Build a Water Park

John Kutey split a $319 million winning Mega Millions ticket. With his $28.9 million share, he and his wife decided to donate a portion to building a water park in honor of their parents.

2. Make a TV Show

Jonathan Vargas was 19 when he won $35.3 million on a Powerball ticket. He spent his earnings developing a show called "Wrestlicious." The show focused on showing female wrestlers who wore very little clothing while fighting. He has since said he regrets the way he spent his winnings.

3. Save It

Jim and Carolyn McCullar decided when they won their $390 million in 2011 that they were going live life "business as usual." Jim told Forbes Magazine, "he planned to put his lottery winnings in the bank, write some checks to his six kids, and donate to charity."

4. Invest In Your Political Party

In 1993, Janite Lee used a good chunk of her $18 million winnings on donating to the Democratic Party.

5. Go Fishing

Mega Millions lottery co-winner Ed Nabors claimed half of the $390 million winnings in 2007. When asked what he planned on doing with the money he said famously, "I'm going to do a lot of fishing."

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