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Reality show filming in Buffalo this weekend

The show 'The Baddest Buffalo' will premiere on Amazon Prime in April.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A new show called "The Baddest Buffalo" will film in Buffalo this weekend.

It will feature 11 contestants learning how to grow their business or start one.

"The baddest is really a term to describe people that are really put together, pretty much bosses," Ramona Clemons said.

Clemons is the owner of the Next Network, an Atlanta-based production company, and the executive producer of the "Baddest Buffalo."

Clemons is originally from Lackawanna and had the opportunity to film in Atlanta but decided the show needed to be in Western New York.

"I feel like Atlanta gets enough recognition, L.A., Miami, Houston, the bigger cities. I feel like there's so much hidden talent here. I feel like there's so much that we offer that's not really shown to the world." Clemons said. 

The Buffalo-based crew will film on Main Street in Buffalo, in Niagara Falls, and they will also be at a tailgate at Highmark Stadium. 

The first episode will introduce audiences to Buffalo and writers will show how the team has shaped fans, including Damar Hamlin's collapse and recovery. 

The rest of the series will have contestants participating in business-based challenges. They'll be chefs, beauty shop owners, the list goes on. 

A winner will get a paid LLC and $3,000.

The show will also promote local business owners who aren't contestants, such as the Grub Plug catering owner Emani Love.  

"I've been praying that one person just sees my food just so I can blow up. I really want to give back to my community as well," Love said. 

Added Clemons: "I just really wanted to just come and just give back and just to really show the world the great city that we have and the good people within the city."

Clemons says the show will premiere on Amazon Prime, Amazon Fire, and Roku TV in April. Episodes will be released every Sunday night.  

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