ST. LOUIS — Pam and Jim are at it again.

The actors behind one of the most famous couples in TV history are reheating their Twitter rivalry over Stanley.

Not that Stanley.

They're reigniting the rivalry over the Stanley Cup.

The actors from 'The Office' are on opposite sides of the debate.

St. Louis native and big Blues fan Jenna Fischer is throwing social media shade at her TV husband, John Krasinski, who’s a big Boston Bruins fan.

‘Uh oh. Looks like Pam might be going home with Stanley. Who would have guessed! #LetsGoBlues,’ Fischer wrote on Twitter after the Blues took at 3-2 series lead.

Krasinski’s response?

‘Wow… this is how you wanna play this Fischer?... ok. Game ON! #BruinsIn7’

The Blues take on the Bruins Sunday night in St. Louis. A Blues win means Stanley stays in St. Louis.

Sorry, not sorry, Jim.

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