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Paramount bringing its third major film to Western New York in recent years

Filming is expected to begin at the end of March and last through mid-May. However, Tim Clark says there are other movie projects to follow already in the works.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Paramount Pictures is bringing another feature film to Buffalo, but that's not the only movie project coming to Western New York in the near future.

The details are still limited when it comes to the Paramount movie.

"Paramount has been here now for over a month, building sort of their pre-production stage," Buffalo Niagara Film Commissioner Tim Clark said.

Clark told 2 On Your Side shooting is expected to begin at the end of this month.

He also said this project is a direct result of the experience Paramount crews had in Western New York while shooting "A Quiet Place Part II."

"It's significant because this is the third picture that Paramount has shot here in the last few years, and they're a very good partnership with us, and they really, really enjoy this part of the world," Clark said. 

He added, "I think unquestionably it is the people of this region. They're just so film-accepting and film-friendly. There's this real energy in this town that I think they spotted and a real niceness about the people of Western New York. They really got a ton of cooperation which is not always the case in other cities." 

Clark said Paramount is still looking for shooting locations, but so far there are spots picked within the City of Buffalo and scattered throughout the region.

Clark told 2 On Your Side following COVID-19 protocols will be a key part of the process.

"The Motion Picture Association of America, as well as the motion picture unions, work very closely together with epidemiologists and others to really come up with a very tight and very safe way of shooting movies, and all of those protocols will be in place on this one," he said. 

Shooting will likely wrap up by mid-May. However, Clark said it will still be an active spring and summer for the movie industry here in Western New York. 

Clark said Fred and Christopher Olen Ray will be back to shoot another holiday movie.

Then the producers of "Marshall" are returning to Buffalo for a big picture called "Cabrini."

"We're sort of pacing them out, and it's really going to be 1, 2, 3 and hopefully 4, 5, 6 right behind it, because it's starting to look very active," said Clark. 

For this upcoming Paramount film, Clark said they are still in the casting process.

Find more information on casting here

Additionally, "A Quiet Place Part II" is set to be released in May, and "Nightmare Alley" has a December opening date.

Learn more about the Buffalo Niagara Film Office here.