Henry Cavill doesn't go many places without his trusted dog Kal-El - and that includes press interviews for the upcoming movie Justice League.

The well-behaved Akita sat at Cavill's side while he talked about the fame associated with playing Superman. He said he doesn't miss much about his old life.

"Maybe the idea of, when I walk (my dog) just before I go to bed at night, I've got to sort of make myself look half-decent in case there's someone who wants a photograph or there's someone outside taking photographs,” he said.

He wouldn’t comment about whether he’ll return as Superman and save the day in Justice League, but he did confirm he visited the sets outside London.

“Yes, I used to bake scones and take them to set, clotted cream and jam and that sort of thing, just for the cast members,” he said, smiling. “To make them feel like they were in England and give them a taste of high tea."

He did admit he’s proud to wear the Superman costume whenever duty calls.

"I love the role. I love the character, I love everything the character stands for,” Cavill said. "I've developed a very close relationship with the character due to the nature of being the guy who represents him during this time."

Justice League is rated PG-13 and opens in theaters November 17