More than three decades after Harrison Ford became the first blade runner, Ryan Gosling now shares the title.

Kim Holcomb talked to them about working together on Blade Runner 2049.

HOLCOMB: "This is the most intimidated I've ever been sitting down for an interview, I just have to be honest...”

GOSLING (smiling): “What?”

HOLCOMB: “But I'm curious, how did you feel around each other when you first met?"

FORD: "I felt like I had a partner when we started acting together. I knew his work, I'd met him a couple of times but very briefly, and it was a pleasure to work with him. It was easy."

GOSLING: "We were all immediately put at ease because we just felt like our greatest partner had arrived. We had the keys to this thing and we hoped we were doing right by it, but it was a relief when Harrison got there because we felt like we were finally making Blade Runner."

HOLCOMB: "The first Blade Runner is showing at Cinerama in Seattle the week leading up to this (release.) So many people are thrilled to see them back to back. Do you view this as a sequel? Does this fit your definition of that?”

FORD: “Yeah, and a fitting one. But I'd like to say it's also a stand-alone film and you don't really need to see - I'd appreciate it if you would go to see the first one because I think it's great if you do - but if you don't, this one stands alone. You won't be lost in it without having experienced the first film.”

HOLCOMB: “You had recently called making that first film a 'long slog,' I think were your words.”

FORD: “Yeah.”

HOLCOMB: “What words would you choose to describe making this film?"

FORD: "A walk in the park. First of all, (for Blade Runner) we shot 50 nights in the rain on the back lot of Warner Brothers. It turns a lot of people into vampires, me among them. It was a hard movie to make. This one was more civilized, just slightly more civilized."

GOSLING: "The world was so massive, conceptually it was so interesting, but then at the same time it was very intimate. (There are) human emotional stories within it, so there was a scope to it that was new to me and exciting to be a part of."