BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Annual Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale has been a symbol marking the beginning of the spring season in WNY for the past 34 years.  Every year over 40 local florists, 450 area businesses, schools and organizations and 600 volunteers participate in the Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale. More than 450 local companies and schools will be participating as pre-sale sites for this year's Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale.

Sign Up today to be a Spring Bouquet Coordinator at your place or work, school or community group.  Click Here for more information. 

Pre-Sale Bouquets include the gorgeous $10 Standard Bouquet or the Tribute Bouquet featuring 30 stems for just $30.  For every Tribute Bouquet purchased a $10 Standard Bouquet will be sent to a current Hospice patient. Bouquets are delivered to participating Pre-Sale locations March 2nd-March -3rd.

For more information about the Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale visit HospiceSpringBouquetSale.com 

Hospice Buffalo cares for individuals suffering from serious illness, as well as their families and caregivers.  Providing an integrative, holistic (physical, emotional, social, and spiritual) approach to care that focuses on the whole person rather than on individual symptoms. Buffalo Hospice provides care, support, advocacy and education to people impacted by serious illness and loss.

For more information on the services of Buffalo Hospice visit www.BuffaloHospice.com

Ch. 2 is a proud sponsor of the Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale.