BUFFALO, N.Y. — This is Festival Fest — the thing I do in which I talk about things to do in Western New York and this week we are talking about events happening on and around February 29 and March 1. That's right. It is a leap year. It happens every four years and this year leap day is happening on a weekend which happens…. More infrequently.

Because we have this extra day in February it got me thinking that we like to have a little extra in our lives, don't we? Extra credit, extra cheese. 

All right. I'm here!

Ho! Extra help. Right? You're number 2.


Right here…

Get it.

Yeah. Whadda we got?

Oh the BOAT SHOW! Yeah! The Boat Show!

Yes. The boat show is a thing that is happening.

Oh you know what else? The telethon. Tell 'em about the telethon.

It is the Variety Club Telethon happening Saturday February 29th and you can watch it here on Channel 2 and it benefits Western New York kids.

Yeah! The Goo Goo Dolls are going to be there and I heard Adam Benigni is going to debut his close up magic act.

I don't think you can say that.

It's definitely happening.

SOUP STROLL! Soup is a drink you can eat!

Leap day at the Lanes!

And that's festival fest the greatest thing to happen to Monday since the three day weekend have a great day and a great week and I'll see you next time! 

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