A lot of restaurants can boast about the quality food that fills the menu. But not every restaurant can say they have the names of local legends lining their menu, too.

Well that's the case at "The Legacy" in Springville. They're serving up tributes to influential people in their community.

"You notice on our menu, we have some dishes that are named after certain elements of our community," Ted Winkey, The Legacy co-owner, said. "Certain people that, in my estimation, made a difference."

The Legacy is officially reopening this spring after closing more than 10 years ago.

Owners Kathy and Ted Winkey ran the spot successfully for six years, but closed in 2006 when it became too much to balance with their full time insurance business.

For Ted though, the idea stayed on the back burner. And now in retirement, they are returning to the restaurant.

"I kind of understood that I had an unfulfilled mission," Ted explained.

It was a mission to maintain the landmark building where The Legacy is housed. It was a mission also to benefit the community in some way.

It still has the flavor of the original Legacy that the Winkey's ran in the early 2000's but with some tweaks, including a new kitchen staff featuring Chef Lukas Tremblay.

The restaurant's downstairs features casual dining with a bar and high top tables.

The upstairs they call "dining at a higher level."

"This second time around, we wanted to make a little bit of a course adjustment there as to let people know...don't think of it just in terms of a place just for kind of a really good dinner on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night," Ted said. "Think about us all the time."

Mixed into their menus with the appetizers, sandwiches and burgers, there are names of those who have left a legacy on Springville. There's the "Zielinski Bros. Triple Play" which is a sandwich named after local baseball boosters. There is also the "Garlock's Deluxe Schiacciata" which is named for a businessman and family friend of the owners.

"Why is that name in your menu? Well guess what, [restaurant patrons] may learn about someone who was really important in creating, not only business, but a relationship with people in a town that is all about that," Kathy Winkey said.

Kathy and Ted know they will not be able to run The Legacy forever, but their goal is to get something sustainable going so that even when it is time to move on from running the restaurant, the legacy of town influencers will live on and, no doubt, the legacy of Kathy and Ted will, too.

The Legacy serves a lunch menu Mondays through Saturdays. The add on a dinner menu Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.