When it comes to food in downtown Buffalo, you have a wide variety to choose from. There are pubs, wine bars, Italian eats and sushi.

And now your choice for Mexican food just recently expanded with the opening of Señor Tequila.

"A place that would bring that authentic Mexican," Denise Cotto, co-owner of Señor Tequila, said. "That would bring the nice selection of margaritas that would please the downtown clientele. That's what we found that was lacking."

Denise and Blas Zuniga co-own Señor Tequila. Blas is from Mexico. Denise spent the last 20-plus years in Buffalo. They said they are the perfect pair to bring authentic Mexican cuisine to the 716.

"We are in Downtown Buffalo so we wanted to bring it with a little bit more colorful, classy style," Denise explained. "A little bit more modern flare."

Denise and Blas said popular items on the menu are the tacos and the fajitas, especially their Hawaiian Fajita served in a grilled pineapple.

"Our most popular items, top and foremost, is always the margaritas," Denise said. "We feature about 30 different flavors."

There are classics like lime and strawberry but for the more adventurous palate, they offer some spicy options as well as a Mezcal margarita.

Señor Tequila is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and they stay open until 3 a.m. every day but Sunday and Monday to catch late night patrons.

"I want this to become the staple...the Mexican destination for our downtown and surrounding Buffalo," Denise said.

The space along Pearl Street just north of Chippewa has seen a series of owners in the past few years but Denise and Blas think they have something that will stick.

"We want to grow with downtown and seeing that downtown is moving in the positive direction, that growth and then we are right now growing with hit, it's just perfect," Denise explained.

You can find out more about Señor Tequila on their Facebook Page.