Nestled among the shops in Downtown Olean, sits a place that patrons will tell you is like no other.

"It's not like coffee shops around town," Philip Smith, one patron, said. "I won't mention the name of them."

Union Tea Cafe stands out from the moment you step in. You might first notice the decor. It is a touch of Old English tea house with a modern edge.

Take a few more steps into the shop and you are greeted by their selection of exactly 100 teas.

"We have a little niche we filled here," Amy Sherburne, owner of Union Tea, said. "There's so many people that love tea. But usually when you go to a coffee house, you get several different kinds of coffee. But here we focus on the teas."

Sherburne said this was the deficit that drove the cafe concept.

There is more than the average black or green tea to choose from. There is Belgian chocolate rooibos, kettle corn black or matcha green, just to name a few. All 100 teas can be hot, iced or with milk as a latte.

"And we do high tea here so then that becomes a special event," Sherburne added.

The teas might be the headline but there is plenty more to take in. There are fresh baked scones, cakes, waffles and sandwiches. There are vegetarian and vegan options, too. Something for everyone.

"We have such a huge group of people that come in," Sherburne explained. "Even starting at the age of 14, 15. We have kids from the high school right up the street that come in after school. We have the regulars in the morning that come for their coffee."

Which brings us back to Philip and Buz. Many mornings you can find them grabbing their drink, maybe a scone and then sitting outside to take it all in.

"For me, it's coming down and seeing some fo the revitalization of our town," Buz Wetherby, said. "It's becoming more and more popular in the area."

They said Union Tea is a key part of that revitalization, bringing something totally unique to the city.

For hours and location, check out Union Tea Cafe on their website or Facebook page.