Buffalo, N.Y. — BUFFALO, N.Y. — The streets and eats of Western New York are about to hit the big screen in a new movie called The First Purge.

"It was really something," Andy Sedita, the owner of Marina Market, said. "It was something to see. It was exciting to see. I've never seen a movie produced or filmed."

Sedita's shop on Marine Drive is one of a few locations around Western New York that served as a backdrop to the horror film about an annual 12-hour purge where all crime in the country is legal.

Sedita was surprised his store was picked and said it's not exactly what his store screams.

"It's really a nice little community store and a gathering place for the tenants and for the surrounding business people in the area," Sedita explained.

Nonetheless, last July, the full service market became a gathering place for just a few more people than usual when the creators of the horror series came knocking at their door.

"A woman walks in and says 'Friday, we're starting a movie here,'" Sedita laughed. "What the hell are you talking about! She says 'We're going to be in front of the store for three days.'"

Production did not totally keep Marine Drive as you see it today. They brought in props, new street signs and even changed the name of Marina Market to "Thad's Market."

That name now lives on in a limited-time hamburger that the Marina Market kitchen is offering.

"We're going to have a Thad burger," Sedita said. "It's going to be an 8 oz. steak burger with Thai chili sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon and onion rings."

Though you won't see this burger in The First Purge, Sedita said he's already seen his store and the Marine Drive Apartments featured in the trailer.

He said some of his customers and the apartment residents are extras in the film, too.

"I think that the more exposure the city gets, it certainly can't hurt," Sedita added. "Because you know it's a beautiful city, a beautiful area and you know, we deserve a little shot in the air once in a while."

Marina Market is open every day of the week from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Grab a Thad burger and head to The First Purge early release. It is premiering here in Buffalo next Tuesday night at a few theaters like North Park Theater.

It is set to release to all theaters on July 4.