At 11 a.m. on any weekday morning, Chris' NY Sandwich Co. is bustling.

As soon as the door is unlocked and the phone lines are opened, orders are rolling in.

There is a caprese sandwich to go and a Panko chicken avocado club to be delivered.

"It's definitely the quality and the quantity," Chris Vendetti, owner and head chef of the sandwich shop, said. "We offer a very, very generous sandwich with fresh ingredients. A lot of them we make here, like our turkey."

The orders most flying off the shelf are turkey. Chris stacks turkey pretty much any way you like it. He has a jalapeno club and a goat cheese turkey burger.

"I think the basic premise of the sandwich is number one creativity and number two, fresh bread," Chris explained. "And I think we've got the creativity part down very well and the fresh bread is a must here. [You won't] ever get a day old bread here and that's pretty much been our policy since day one."

Chris opened the shop about 27 years ago. He broke off from hotel restaurant work to start his own place.

It has not been a completely smooth ride. Just this past April, an electrical fire destroyed the dine-in portion of their shop.

"The fire was a total loss," Chris explained. "So we're gutting it, we're replacing everything. And I think when it's finally done, it will be a sight to see. It will be absolutely beautiful."

For now, they are carrying on with take-out and deliveries.

Chris said they look forward to reopening their dining room in the near future and a little further down the line, maybe even opening a food truck.

Chris' is located along Delaware Avenue, just north of Tupper. The shop is open on weekdays for lunch from 11 to 2:30 p.m..