Grand Island, N.Y. — Along Ferry Road on Grand Island sits Casey's Cabana. It's your typical food stand with hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream and sodas.

But there is something that is not so typical about this little shop.

"It's so fun because, like, we would have a job at 16 and 15," Gabby, one of the owners, said. "To be our own bosses and make up our hours and decide 'oh, I can't work today' is really fun."

Casey's Cabana is owned and operated solely by teenagers.

Lauren, Luke and Gabby are Grand Island High School students. Now, they are business owners, too.

"We found the cabana on Craigslist actually and we were joking around about it for a long time and then we just decided why not," Gabby said.

They got the inspiration from their school's entrepreneurial club, DECA.

They got a loan to rent the place from their parents.

They got a grant for other start-up costs from the Grand Island School Business Alliance.

And now they are getting real-world, on-the-job, business experience.

"We're working with all these new people and our speaking skills and owning and running a business and when we have employees, we'll be like learning how to be a boss," Lauren explained.

They have hired a few employees to help them this summer, too.

As any good student would, they have crossed all their T's and dotted all their I's. They have New York labor laws on the wall. They went to the Erie County Health Department for their food safety permit.

They say their food tastes pretty good, too.

"Our parents have tested us multiple times," Gabby laughed.

Parent approved, Casey's Cabana is now open for business and ready to serve, whether you get there by foot, car or even boat.

"There's no restaurant on this side of the island that has access to a dock so boats can pull up and we've had boats come from all over and just enjoy," Gabby said. "Come sit on the dock and enjoy. Or if you come, we'll come out to you and we can take your order and just bring them right to your boat."

Casey's Cabana is located at 1437 Ferry Rd, Grand Island, N.Y.

They are open just on the weekends while they finish up with finals.

Starting June 23, they will be open everyday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.