Buffalo, N.Y. — Inside the Market Arcade in Downtown Buffalo sits a bakery just for animals. It's called Buffalo Barkery and it offers everything you can think of for a pet.

"I've always baked biscuits for my dogs and special treats for them and you know, there were a lot of recalls on times out there," Maggie Lamparelli, co-owner of Buffalo Barkery, said.

Buffalo Barkery has an assortment of things. They specialize in the dog biscuit...specifically their Buffalo flavors like Chicken Wing and Beef on Weck.

"Buffalo has the best food," Lamparelli said. "So we wanted our dogs to also have the best treats."

The homemade treats are made with no preservatives, minimal ingredients and are all human grade ingredients, too.

"We also do birthday cakes or gotcha day cakes or just because cakes," Lamparelli explained. "They're also human grade. Our dogs love them and actually we've tried them as well."

If treats aren't what you're looking for, there are drinks like the Bark Brew Beef Ale and dog wine. There are also collars, chew toys and jerseys for the Bills and Sabres fans.

They have necessities like animal wash and cat nip, too. Everything is made in the United States.

And aside from what they carry, they are all about how they care for their customers.

"We work very closely with the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter so the volunteers bring adoptable dogs in for treats and love and then we take the picture and we hang them up and we post them on our social media in hopes to garner more attention and help them find their forever homes."

Buffalo Barkery is located downtown in the Market Arcade. They are open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 to 5.