Just over 1,000 square feet make up a new market on Buffalo's Allen Street. But the variety of ways they are dishing up just one specific food is enormous.

"Meatball pizza, meatball subs, the cheeseburger meatball sub, meatball, sausage, pepper and onion," Bobby Burns, owner of the market, listed off.

At A Street Meatball Market, on the corner of Allen and Pearl Streets, meatballs are the dish of the day, everyday. But they are served in more ways than you may have ever imagined.

A Street joins a growing number of restaurants and food trucks with a menu that centers around just one item.

"I kind of think that's they way things are going," Burns explained. "These kind of boutique restaurants, where everybody is focused on getting that one product perfect and making it perfect."

When you approach the Market's counter, you will have important choices to make.

You can get your meatballs in a combo, a meal or a la carte. You can order them on a sandwich, or atop a pizza.

You can pick beef, chicken, pork or veggie balls. And for the sauces, they have everything from tomato to mushroom stroganoff, with gluten free options, too.

"Everything is homemade," Burns said. "Nothing is processed. We make it homemade and it's fresh everyday."

Burns is originally from Boston but spent a couple dozen years in New York City, too. He said the motivation for a meatball market came from his own experience. Plus he believes the meatball has qualities that Western New Yorkers embrace.

"It's unpretentious," Burns explained. "It's made well. Buffalonians love things that are homemade, handmade, made well, down to earth."

Friday, March 9, is National Meatball Day. If you are looking to observe the day, A Street Meatball Market sits on the corner of Allen and Pearl Streets. It is just around the corner from the newly opened UB Jacobs School of Medicine.

They are currently open for lunch only but are working on a liquor license and plan to expand to dinner once that is approved.