At noon on any given weekday, Corelife Eatery in Clarence is bustling.

The lunch and dinner place just recently opened its doors on Transit Road.

They have been well received from the start. Corelife District Manager Robert Lewis says that is because they serve food that makes you feel good.

"It's got the demographic," Lewis explained. "There's a great community here that wants to eat healthy, that's really active and part of what we consider to be our active lifestyle."

The menu is divided into three categories. There are green bowls, grain bowls and broth bowls.

There are suggested bowls but you can also build your own.

The menu can be a little overwhelming but Lewis says, "it's salad, not surgery".

"So the green bowls are more familiar," Lewis said. "[They] start with two different kinds of greens. Our grain bowls are going to be salads with some rice in it. And our broth bowls are just that. Imagine having a full-sized salad that we're going to build for you with ingredients that are great hot. Even some wilt-able greens like kale, spinach or cabbage. And we'll pour a broth over it rather than a dressing."

All bowls come in half and full sizes. The menu can also be tailored to specific diets. Those eating vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and Whole 30 can all find something here.

To quench your thirst, there is an extensive line-up of made-from-scratch drinks like beet lemonade or blueberry mint lemonade.

All of it comes at an affordable price, Lewis added. A half bowl and a drink will run you about $10.

"We gotta stay competitive," Lewis explained. "So even though we're using grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, no antibiotics, everything is clean, no preservatives, no additives to any of our foods...we still need to compete with our direct competitors and their prices."

The location in Clarence is the 16th Corelife. The franchise started in Syracuse by a group looking for a healthy, affordable and fast meal option. Corelife has branched all over the U.S. since, including restaurants in Utah and Kentucky.

"It's expanded beyond our wildest dreams," Lewis stated. "The type of person who comes in here isn't your stereotypical person. We're getting the 55 and over. We're getting that 22-44 year-old. Both sides, male and female. Athletes. Non-athletes. People who just want some healthy options."

Corelife in Clarence is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.