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Darien Lake announces 2019 Coffin Challenge winner

Six competitors stayed in a coffin for 30 hours in an attempt to win a cash prize.

After 30 hours and a series of challenges, a winner was announced in the 2019 Coffin Challenge at Six Flag Darien Lake. Six competitors were challenged to lay in a coffin for 30 hours and periodically complete a series of challenges.

The challenge began at 6 a.m. on Friday October 11. Each coffin was 'slightly used' and participants were given a bathroom and cell phone break every three hours. The challenges were timed and included things like completing a scavenger hunt and lying in a bed of live warms.

Nathan Squire not only spent hours in a wooden coffin, he beat out his other competitors by eating bugs and even lying in the coffin with worms crawling all over him.

2 On Your Side's Karys Belger talked to Squire during one of his breaks and asked him which challenges were the easiest and the hardest for him to complete.

"The easiest I would say was going through the haunted house and not reacting," Squire said. "My wife and I go to haunted houses all the time so I guess I've been practicing for the past eight years. The hardest I would say was eating the bugs.

Squire won $600 dollars and — along with the second and third place winners — a 2020 Gold Season Pass, and a 2019 Fright Fest All-Season Maze Pass.

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