BUFFALO, N.Y. — As the City of Buffalo looks to improve its snow removal plan after a massive winter storm dropped more than a foot of snow on the Queen City, many people are asking about bus stops.

There are still many bus stops and shelters in the city where passengers are forced to stand in the street. It's because of large chunks of ice and snow mounds.

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NFTA spokesperson Helen Tederous said "the real issue here is sidewalks. I mean not only for our riders, but for pedestrians, and that has been a big issue."

She said if a business has a bus shelter in front of it, that business is responsible for taking care of the snow removal.

"We do own some of the shelters that are placed on our property," she said. "We do manage those, as well as bus stations, rail, our properties we do take care of."

Credit: WGRZ-TV

She added: "If a municipality owns it, it is their responsibility. If property owns it, it is their responsibility."

The transportation company sends notices to all cities, towns and villages every fall about their responsibility.

When asked if the NFTA should consider sending notices to businesses and property owners, Tederous said, "I would think we might want to do a little bit more with public announcements."

City of Buffalo Public Works commissioner Michael Finn said it's important for everyone to know who is responsible.

"As the NFTA has stated publicly, the abutting property owner is responsible for clearing bus stops and bus shelters," Finn said. "That is consistent with the City ordinance that requires property owners to clear snow and ice from their sidewalks."