TSA to Increase Fees Starting July 21

Buffalo, NY – The cost of flying is about to go up, and this time you can blame the federal government instead of the airlines.

The TSA is raising its fees starting July 21. The fees will more than double for most flyers and cover just part of the cost of running the TSA. The fee increase is part of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013.

The fees will not come close to covering the TSA's entire budget, but they will generate close to $17 billion additional dollars for the TSA over the next ten years.

So how much more will you be paying? Say you buy a round trip ticket from Buffalo to Chicago, and it is a direct flight with no stops. With the old fees, you would pay five dollars. It would cost you $2.50 each time you got on the plane.

With the new fee structure, it will cost you $11.20 extra. The government is going to charge $5.60 for each one-way trip.

That is an increase of $6.20 each time you get a direct flight and buy a round trip ticket.

Where you will really get stuck paying more, though, are for flights with a bunch of connections and layovers. The ten dollar maximum fee for a round trip ticket goes away in two weeks. This means that if you are flying from Buffalo to Las Vegas and back, but you're stopping in Chicago and Denver on the way there, and just in Chicago on the way back with layovers, you will now get charged $28.00 by the TSA. That is due to the fact that the round trip flight with long layovers will now be considered five one-way trips by the government.

The fees really add up if you are not able to get direct flights. That means the people most likely to get hit with higher fees will be the passengers flying out of smaller airports where you have to make many connections.

The fee schedule is based on when you buy your ticket. So, as long as you do that before July 21, you will not be charged the higher fees. Any ticket purchased after midnight on July 21 is subject to the higher fees.

To see more examples of the fee increase and how it will impact ticket prices, you can click on the link below.

TSA Fee Document


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