Crews Trying To Keep Up With Growing Pothole Problem

Buffalo, NY - You are about to see the pavement once again with a warm up on the way this weekend, and that means you will see more potholes.

Maybe you are already spotting some potholes and are swerving around them to avoid damaging your car. Well, crews are already out there trying to patch them.

"Fortunate part is sometimes the snow helps us and fills the potholes for us a little bit. So that's helpful, but it doesn't last long," says Erie County Public Works Commissioner John Loffredo.

The snow certainly won't last through the weekend thaw. So Loffredo, the man in charge of Erie County's 12-hundred miles of pavement, knows there is a lot of work ahead.

"It's just a constant battle. Throw something in, it gets pounded out. Throw something in, it gets pounded out. That's a problem that certain roads are going to have, and they're going to be pretty bad," he says.

Your complaints are not going unheard, and crews know where the problem spots are.

The issue is that with a constant cycle of thawing and freezing, the cold patch, a heavy oil and stone mix used to fill potholes in the winter, won't last. It isn't as strong as the hot patch and just won't hold up.

Because of the conditions so far this winter, Loffredo expects to use four times as much cold patch material than his crews would put down during a mild year.

"I'm going to say worst case scenario, we could put it in one day and the next day come back and it's like we didn't do a thing. Throw it right back in there and keep going that way. So it's going to be a tough ride, I should say a tough, bumpy ride this winter."

Erie County is not adding extra crews to deal exclusively with potholes.

The Buffalo Public Works Commissioner told us the city has extra crews on the roads Thursday night, Friday and possibly through Saturday to address the mess out there.


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