BUFFALO, N.Y.- Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino is running for governor as the anti-Andrew Cuomo, especially when it comes to economic issues.

During an appearance Thursday afternoon at a business owned by Congressman Chris Collins (R-NY), Astorino pointed out that New York is the most heavily taxed state in the country.

"We have businesses that are folding up shop, not willing to expand in New York, like Remington, and going to Alabama instead -- leaving because seemingly there's no options or hope because they're getting strangled by government, which is supposed to help, not hurt," said Astorino.

Westchester County has the highest taxes out of any county in the nation, but, Astorino says, he's done all he can to improve on that situation.

"It was out of control before I got there and I can only tell you what I've done for four years. We have cut the county property tax levy more than any county in New York, and we have cut spending more than any county in New York," said Astorino.

During his visit to Buffalo, Astorino was greeted by pro-choice demonstrators.

"Look, I'm pro-life. This is a pro-choice state; I get that. What I will not do is expand abortion up till birth, which is what Governor Cuomo's bill would do. I would veto that in a second," said Astorino.

Astorino has an uphill battle ahead of him. The latest poll shows him trailing the Cuomo by 40 points, 65 percent to 25 percent.

In addition, Astorino has just $1 million in the bank, while Cuomo has $33 million.

"We'll raise as much as we need to get the message out. We're not going to match dollar for dollar, nor do we have to, but I believe very strongly we have the right message and it will take less money to get the right message out," said Astorino.

Astorino says he's bucked the odds before, twice winning election in Westchester County despite it being heavily Democratic.

One thing he does not lack is confidence.

"This state can be put back in the winning column again. Tough choices are going to be made, we're going to live within our means and we're going to bring this state back to greatness again," said Astorino.

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