Political strategist Michael Caputo says that Gabryszak response to scandal is a P.R. nightmare


BUFFALO, N.Y. - For nearly two weeks, we have heard allegations from one side, but only an attorney from the other.
"We intend to follow the rules." Says Gabryszak's lawyer, Terry Connors. "We intend to attend a hearing, because an assembly-member, like every member of society, is entitled to due process of the law."

But political strategist Michael Caputo says the legal side is only half of the equation. "From a legal standpoint, I don't want to comment on that I'm not a lawyer, it's probably being handled quite well, but from a public relations standpoint, it's a complete disaster."

Caputo is no stranger to managing the fall-out from political scandal. He ran Carl Paladino's campaign for Governor, which featured several missteps, from an email controversy to a run in with reporters.
When asked if he is surprised that the embattled Assemblymember has yet to comment, Caputo said "I'm shocked actually, I've done dozens and dozens of cases of litigation communication, the problem is that he has to have an after-life, there is life after politics and that's to his own community, one that he has served quite well. He should speak to the community, he doesn't have to declare his innocence, or anything about the case, but he needs to talk to his constituents who haven't seen him in two weeks."

Coputo says that in his eyes, Assemblyman Gabryszak needs to consider what lies beyond the litigation. "They may have determined that this is not survivable, at least from a career perspective, and decided that public relations is out the window. I don't think it should be."