A Williamsville jeweler admitted that he sold fake diamonds and other jewelry. Paul Blarr pleaded guilty to a scheme to defraud and grand larceny.

Jennifer Myles was one of the victims whose wedding ring was bought at RSNP Diamond Exchange. Myles paid $13,000 for a band with 11 diamonds. Myles said, "It's a symbol of your love and commitment and to find out its fake is devastating."

As time passed, Myles husband was diagnosed with cancer, which followed heartbreak.

"A stone was loose in my wedding band, we went to get the ring tightened and we found out the ring was fake."

The owner Paul Blarr denied the diamonds he sold to Jennifer and her husband were fake. Blarr blamed the situation on an employee and sent replacement bands that turned out to be low quality.

Jennifer Myles never was financially compensated and her husband bought another ring from a different jewler.

"I'm glad he can't hurt anyone else, and he can no longer do business."

Friday, Paul Blarr pleaded guilty to a scheme of defraud and grand larceny. 89 victims lost $630,000 because of Blair's counterfeit sales. Blarr faces up to 50 years in prison.

"He admitted it he's making no excuses and he's going to do everything humanly possible to bring these people back to where they should be."

Jennifer Myles now advises other newlyweds to look beyond the sparkle.

"Have the diamond tested in front of you and educate yourself because there's a lot to know about a diamond."

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