WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y.-With subzero temperatures becoming the regular driving climate, proper car care is extremely important.

Subsequently, automotive clubs like AAA are seeing a lot more customers come in Williamsville AAA Service Center Manager, Brad Casper, says the biggest problem he's been seeing during this winter season is battery failure and wiper failure.

Subzero temperatures and ice tend to wreck havoc on wiper systems. To prevent this Casper advises drivers to start their cars earlier and make use of their snow brushes and especially make sure the wiper path is clear. Also, drivers might consider leaving their wipers in the upright position to prevent them from freezing to the windshield.

Many drivers worry about not having snow tires. Casper says 90 to 95 percent of the time drivers will be okay without snow tires. However if you have less than two thirty-second of an inch tread depth chances are your car won't fare too well in the snow.

Another problem Casper has seen is brake line issues and suspension concerns created because of pot holes. The cold weather can bring out the fatigue of brake lines that are rusted and corroded.

So what can drivers do to stay safe in this weather? Slow down and use common sense.

"Sometimes we're always in a rush, in a hurry to go ahead and get there as fast as we can," Casper said. "If we just take a couple precautionary measures I think we'll be okay. That's my best advice I can give to you."

Drivers, look at the weather reports, slow down and don't drive faster than what the weather conditions allow.