The family of a 21-year-old Buffalo man killed in a DWI crash has forgiven the driver.

Brontie Williams' 21-year-old son Jireh was killed back in June when a car being driven by one of his best friends, Wallace Hedgepeth, crashed on the Elm Street ramp of the 33 downtown.

Police say Hedgepeth had a blood alcohol level of nearly twice the legal limit and was traveling at over 100 miles an hour.

The crash left two families devastated.

Brontie Wiliams: "I forgive Wallace, I did. And I pray that all of our family members will forgive Wallace because that's what Jireh would have wanted. But I can't have somebody else go through this, I just can't."

Reverend Michael Badger, Jireh's Uncle: "We leave it to the court and its wisdom for sentencing. Our desire is that out of this situation Wallace will become a better man."

Despite his responsibility for the crash, Wallace Hedgepeth was described in court as a good young man who made a series of horrible decisions that June night..

Wallace Hedgepeth: "I can't even imagine the amount of pain I bestowed upon these lovely people. But my decision to drive and drive that night was irresponsible and very reckless."

The judge sentenced Hedgepeth to the minimum: one to three years in prison.

Judge Ken Case: "I hope that if this sentence prevents this from happening to one more young adult, prevents you from ever doing this again then Jireh will not have died in vain."