BUFFALO, N.Y.-Kaleida Health's new interim CEO began holding a series of town hall meetings with staff on Monday, trying to allay fears about potential layoffs.

Jody Lomeo was named to run Kaleida on Friday to replace the ousted Jim Kaskie.

Lomeo is meeting with staff this week at each of Kaleida's four hospitals- on Monday he spoke first at Women and Children's and then at Buffalo General. Still to come are Millard Suburban and DeGraff hospitals.

Cori Gambini is the president of the union that represents about 4,000 Kaleida employees, about half of the workforce.

She says Lomeo's message was much more upbeat than what we heard on Friday, when John Koelmel, the chair of Kaleida's board said that layoffs were going to be "a reality."

John Koelmel: "We need to right size, reposition the organization and I'm saying yep that means that it will continue to have impacts on labor."

But Gambini says that Lomeo, who was not made available to speak with 2 On Your Side on Monday, spoke of avoiding layoffs by increasing the number of patients that Kaleida gets.

Cori Gambini: "The focus is to bring more volume in so this way hopefully he said 'I don't want to talk about layoffs,' what I want to talk about is growth and adding jobs to Western New York and this facility, that is what his goal is going to be."

Kaleida lost $14 million during the third quarter of last year. Despite that, Gambini says that Lomeo told employees that Kaleida was not in dire financial straits.