BUFFALO --- Tis the season for shopping lines presents. People just can't get enough. But now that Black Friday madness is winding down shoppers have a chance to think small.

"This is a huge time of year for us,"Sean McCabe said. "Seems like people here are more interested in the unique items and the slower pace enjoying their Friday -- instead of running through the day."

It's called Small Business Saturday.

"It's important that people are made aware of the fact that more money stays locally when things are purchased locally. Debbie Steinbruckner said. "And it really does help local economy so much more and it keeps us in business."

Turns out, local spending keeps three times more money in buffalo. Local businesses create the most jobs and they are less likely to relocate during slow economic times.

"We really are the only store in Western New York that's one hundred percent local,"Steinbruckner said.

This store is putting the Queen City on the map from everything Buffalo made from local artist, to hand wrapped items over at Elmwood village.

"I think the big thing here is, everything here is handmade - everything is different - so it's unique one of a kind for the most part," Tim Doolittle said.

"I can putting it on film and doing the etching for it,."

Certain stores are offering 10-percent off to get customers in for a different experience.

"People talk about how they're not interested in the rush pushed around - cornered and kind of like cattle and livestock," McCabe said

The shop local effort isn't just limited to Saturday .To promote shopping local this holiday weekend --

Elmwood Village did a boutique crawl - while Hamburg offered free trolley rides and family entertainment.

Fevery $100 dollars spent at a small business - $68 dollars returns to the local economy.

"You're supporting someone who lives in the community, works in the community and has a stake in the community."