ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. – A local mom is preparing to split up her family and move hundreds of miles away, all to save her little girl's life.

Wendy Conte's daughter Anna has Dravet Syndrome, which causes her to have uncontrollable seizures. Doctors say either the seizures or the powerful medications she's on will one day kill her.

There was little hope, until they heard of something called "Charlotte's Web." It's a modified form of medical marijuana being grown in Colorado.

The THC levels are near zero, which means it doesn't get you high. And it's made into an oil instead of smoked in a joint. The children already on the medication have shown remarkable results, going from hundreds of seizures a day to just a few a month.

"It's a miracle drug," Wendy said.

But it's illegal in New York State.

So Wendy and her sister-in-law recently took Anna to Colorado to start the process for her to great treatment there.

It will ultimately mean some of the Conte's will have to leave Western New York unless lawmakers here make the treatment legal.

2 On Your Side followed the Conte's through the process – before, during, and after the trip to Colorado.

See the lengths this family is taking to save Anna's life, in our special report tonight on Channel 2 News at 6.