Kevin's undying affection to WNY introduce viewers to the businesses, events, & stories around our area.


As a child, Kevin O'Neill was very young. His biological parents dropped him off at the Seneca Mall in the mid 1970's, and he was raised entirely by mall cops. Since Sattler's had TV sets in the furniture section, Kevin spent hours alone watching television dreaming that one day he would be working on TV.

When the Seneca Mall closed in 1989, Kevin, now a young man, was first exposed to the outside world. He quickly fell in love with Western New York. He got jobs as a DJ at Kiss 98.5 and Star 102.5 before landing a TV gig celebrating the area he loves.

His undying affection to Western New York continues to this very day. And his mediocre live shots have allowed fellow WNYers to see businesses, events, and stories around our area that probably wouldn't make it on-the-air otherwise. Kevin is able to sustain his "blue-collar", "everyman" persona by not being very good on the air. He does not wear ties. He also eschews TV make-up and, usually, proper grammar. Somehow, he has a gorgeous wife; and together, they have two beautiful daughters.

On a side note: Most of the mall cops that raised Kevin have since found employment as airport security. Once a month, Kevin visits them and delivers soft pretzels to bring back happy mall-time memories. His story will soon be featured as a Lifetime Channel movie, starring George Wendt as Officer Larry, and introducing Wyoming Fanning as young Kevin.

To follow Kevin on Twitter, find him @KevinBuffalo.