BUFFALO, N.Y. - A seemingly embarrassed John Scott stood before his locker at First Niagara Center Monday morning, saying he regretted a post-game statement he made Saturday night in Toronto.

Following the Sabres loss to The Leafs, Scott was asked about a play with Dion Phaneuf that led to the altercation that got Scott booted from the game. Phaneuf went down and slid, seemingly to avoid a check from the 6-foot-8 inch Sabre.

On the MSG postgame show, Scott said "I'm not allowed to hit him now, Princess Phaneuf? What a joke!"

Monday, Scott said it was his emotions talking over. "It's a non-issue, I was a little fired up after the game and was shooting my mouth off. I said something and didn't realize that it would get the traction it's gotten." Scott added that it was a slip of the tongue that he regrets.