BUFFALO, NY - A report by our watchdog partners at Investigative Post is getting results. Earlier this week environmental reporter Dan Telvock exposed serious questions about how the state was testing air quality around the Peace Bridge.

Now, the state is responding to our story, by promising to make changes.

In a press release from October 9 about its six-month air monitoring program at the Peace Bridge, the state found the pollution levels are acceptable under federal air quality standards.

But the DEC went further, proclaiming in a press release widely reported on in the press that "the air quality in this area is consistent with levels in the city overall."

But it turns out the air was not monitored during peak summer traffic periods at the bridge.

After weeks of intense questioning from Investigative Post... A DEC spokesman retracted the conclusion, calling it a "mistake."

Late Friday afternoon, in response to our story, the DEC commissioner announced that this department "will extend the monitoring process, add more air monitoring sites and include the upcoming high-traffic months."